RiverStar: Integrated Technology Solutions for Coordinated Care


RiverStar offers a unique set of technology solutions that streamlines the entire TTS process. Once the initial patient intake screening is complete, the patient’s current condition, needs, and priorities are identified by level of care: emergent, urgent, or routine—for needs that include food, housing, employment, transportation and a wide range of other social determinants.

RiverStar software quickly aligns these needs to its extensive 211 database to identify all resources available to address the client’s needs. RiverStar stores this snapshot of resources, and allows the caseworker to easily request information from any service agency, empowering her/him to:

  • Request assistance or a referral

  • Close the loop on referrals that were made

  • Ensure un-addressed needs have been met

  • Schedule additional resources as needed

  • Manage additional resources in the future as the patient’s situation improves or
     as needs change

  • Annotate each referral; view and track results

  • Share information with other agencies fluidly and quickly

RiverStar also offers healthcare, human services, education, government, and faith-based organizations access to resources and referrals quickly, so serving clients more effectively remains at the forefront and overall continuity of care improves. RiverStar’s technology brings collaboration, shared treatment protocols, shared data and security that bridges clinical referral and data gaps between healthcare and social determinants.

Riverstar’s integrated technology solutions offer quick access to information by accessing data from disparate internal systems for:

  • Increased visibility into outcomes, client satisfaction and tangible results.

  • Time savings by reducing the need to switch back and forth between applications while clients wait.

  • More consistent answers and information, available immediately.

  • Workflows that match agency processes, with well-designed call scripts that don’t waste agent or client time.

For more information, visit riverstar.com.