Social Determinant Solutions™ 

Transition to Success now offers affordable technology supports that integrate with your existing electronic medical records claims and care management systems. The TTS technology enabled system of care is called Social Determinant Solutions™ (SDS).

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+ SDS is person-centered

Clients asses their Social Determinants of Health exposure and decide their priorities using the Life Area Survey. Clients design their CARE* Plan around their goals - their dreams.

*CARE - Coordinating All Resources Effectively

+ SDS is sustainable

Medicaid and Medicare provider sites can bill for screening and assessment services.

+ SDS is MEasurable

Using the TTS Life Area Survey, 18 Social Determinant of Health domains are identified, scored, prioritized and tracked. Measurements can be patient, practitioner, organization or community specific.

+ SDS is Community-Based


SDS offers healthcare, human services, government, education, and faith-based organizations with:

  • Real time screening and assessments for SDOH, behavioral health and substance abuse conditions

  • HIPPA Compliant/Data Secured Systems with multiple users and organizations

  • Patient/Client-Centered Planning

  • Reimbursable Services/Claims for Medicaid and Medicare providers

  • Real Time and Client specific referral identification at the federal, state, county, city, and community levels

  • Referral Tracking by patient, practitioner, organization and community

  • Data Collection by patient, practitioner, organization and community

COMING SOON… An opportunity to access this special software for personal use.

To learn more about how SDS can be designed to integrate within your practice, organization and/or community, contact Marcella Wilson PhD, 313-580-2672.